Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, it's been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I would give an update on our new life down here in Alabama. We moved to Tuscaloosa almost 2 months ago. I really like it more than I thought I would, especially now that the temperature is dropping a little bit!

I am working in the Registrar's Office at the University of Alabama. Not my dream job per say, but it works for now. The people i work with are nice and friendly and most of the time the parents and students we work with are polite and easy to deal with. I really love working at the University and all that comes with it. The benefits are great, the campus is beautiful and sometimes I get to have lunch with my husband or my sister, who are both students here as well.

I am going to school 2 nights a week to get my Masters in Library and Information Studies which I love. I can't wait to be a librarian! I am trying to decide what kind of librarian I want to be but right now i am leaning heavily towards working in a public library. I am really drawn to the opportunities for community service within a public library environment. The other option I am considering is working in a college or university library, but to do that I would really need an additional masters degree or Ph.D. Which could be possible in the future, but that's not something I'm too concerned with at the moment.

Andrew has started work on his Ph.D. in Clinical Geriatric Psychology and seems to be enjoying it. He says he has already learned a lot. My sister Sarah is also here, starting her freshman year. It's so nice to have her close by!

I like the town of Tuscaloosa. It's bigger than Sylva (thank goodness!) but not huge. Most everything we need is here, and on the rare occasion we want more shopping or resteraunts, Birmingham is less than an hour away. Our apartment is nice, the area is quiet with a lot of trees and only 4 miles from the school. we have found a church we like, too, Canterbury Chapel Episcopal. We tried a couple of different denominations before deciding on this one. Something about the ritual and quietness of the services really speaks to both of us. For me, it's soothing to my soul. The quiet simplicity makes me feel closer to God, easier to shut the other things out and focus on Him. But all that's a different blog post I guess.

Hopefully I will start updating more often. Being back in school is helping me become used to writing again, I have been feeling a little rusty. Now if I can just find time between all the working and going to school...


Mrs. Tara said...

I had to giggle - I always wondered you having to catalog my books as an intern at BBC if it could have turned you totally off to books... guess not. It is good to hear from you. I would love to get together with you sometime and catch up if you are ever up my way (Cleveland). I will also try to holler if I am your way.

Deidre said...

haha Sylva...bless....
My boyfriend's aunts and grandmother live in Tuscaloosa, well actually two live in Northoport and one in Coker..but you know what I mean....all right there together.

we are hoping to come back down and visit with them soon...maybe we can get togehter if we do!