Monday, June 2, 2008

Freaking Out

Ok, ok, I am freaking out and when all else fails this is where I come to freak out. It is the 2nd of June and I need a job in Tuscaloosa ASAP! I know that there is a plan in all of this, and hopefully I will look back and see that the timing was perfect and for a reason. But I am getting pretty worried. I get really sick to my stomach and stop sleeping when I get anxious. Yuck! There are sevral jobs at the university I would love to have. But I worry, am I good enough? I know I don't have a huge level of experience, but I always feel like once I get an interview I can convince anyone of how much I would enjoy the job. Especially the research job or the admissions counselor job. On Thursday, my mom met a woman in HR at UA, who gave my mom her phone number and told me to call her. I have tried, but she hasn't been at her desk any of the times I have tried to call. I wonder exactly what she can tell me. I HATE things to be up in the air and unsettled. I am praying multiple times daily about this, but I can't seem to get any peace. Waiting is the worst!

I do plan to blog all about our trip to Disney World, a day by day account, as soon as I have a chance, maybe one night this week!