Friday, September 26, 2008

Avett Brothers Concert

Last night Andrew and I went to an amazing concert by the Avett Brothers. They really are incredible. I've always been a semi-fan of bluegrass and folk music, but since we went to Merle Fest back in April, I've really gone crazy for it. This was the first time I'd seen the Avett Brothers in concert and they put on a really great show. The band has a guitar, a banjo, an upright bass, cello and drums in it. I've never seen anyone really rock out on the cello, but this guy was doing it. The band seemed to be having a great time and most people in the crowd knew every word to every song which was amazing to me.

Unfortunately, being around all those college kids made me feel old and dumpy. Ha! Twenty-five. So old.

Today at 1:00 we are heading to North Carolina! Yay!! We're going back to Sylva to stay with our friends Jeff and Annie and their son Addison. It should be a great trip. We are going to Mountain Heritage Day tomorrow which is a big festival with mountain crafts, awesome kettle corn and bluegrass music that we kind of fell in love with when we were living up there. I'm looking forward to seeing mountains and hopefully some fall foliage, visiting our old church, and spending some time with some good friends.

We're coming home on Sunday and then Monday night we are going to Birmingham to see the Fleet Foxes in concert. They are supposed to be really good in concert, but I just hope I survive! the show doesn't start until 9 and it's an hour away. I have work and night class on Tuesday. I am getting too old for this! But it should be a (busy and tiring) fun weekend!

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Mrs. Tara said...

Don't talk to me about getting old- you make me feel old. All grown up and married! I have never really been into bluegrass music- glad you like it! Have fun!