Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

Well, last week I was very bummed because I thought I wasn't going to get to see my friends this past weekend and I really miss them. But I ended up having a really great weekend. First of all, my hubby is the best and we have been having Board Game-a-pa-looza since Thursday. He decided we should have a tournament of 15 board games and see who is the ultimate champion. He is leading my one game right now, and we are playing the final 2 games tonight. We played Thursday night, Friday night while watching "You've Got Mail", and Sunday. It was great!

Saturday turned out awesome, too! Andrew ended up going with a friend to the NASCAR race in Charlotte, and I went to Asheville for the day. My friend Missy lives there, my friend Rachel is doing an externship there and my friend Allison was just in town for the weekend. I love these girls and we had such a blast! We ate and went shopping and had a horrendous waiter at dinner, but all in all what a great day. I couldn't have asked for a better one. And we are trying to plan a get-together the first of November and I am extremely excited!!

It is Monday morning, and I am generally in a cranky mood anyway, but this morning I got a little ill. Last week a woman sent me something to place in the newsletter. I copied and pasted it. It had a typo. I caught it but somehow neglected to fix it. Said woman is particularly difficult to work with, even though I am nothing but nice to her and I have gone above and beyond my duty to do things for her on numerous occasions. Somehow she still always manages to make me feel stupid and about 2 inches tall. And on many occasions I have managed to screw things up that she has asked me to do, I'm sure furthering her belief that I am a complete imbecile. Anyway, about the newsletter typo, I received an email this morning that read "I would appreciate it if you would proofread my submissions for the newsletter." It just came across very snippy and mean. I screwed up, yes. But it is just as much her fault as mine. It really made me mad and upset for a little while. But then I decided that I would not let this woman ruin my Monday. I am trying to avoid attacking her personality or character, that is only me being mean-spirited. I just needed to vent about this so I could let it go.

Now I hope I can have a Happy Monday after a really great weekend!

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