Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

Hello world. Happy 2013 to you all. Well, it's a new year and that means it is a new chance to try to revamp this blog. I have a lot of goals for 2013 and I hope this blog will help me keep track of them and share my progress. Some of my goals so far:

1. Create an inventory and open an Etsy shop.
2. Take and be in more pictures with my family.
3. Get organized and prepped for our next move (coming in August).
4. After reading 30 books in 2012, I hope to read 36 (3 a month) in 2013.
5. Purge some of our possessions, particularly my clothes that I can't/don't wear anymore.
6. Follow a budget.

So, as you can see many of these goals lend themselves to being tracked on this blog. I hope to throw in some fun things as well and just use this blog as a place to find and share things that bring me joy. Happy New Year!

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