Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sheldon vs. the Arachnid

I love Sesame Street so much! Whenever I have kids, I'll probably want to watch it more than they will! Here's an adorable clip with Jim Parsons and an "arachnid". If you don't watch Big Bang Theory, you should check it out! Jim Parsons is hilarious as a brilliant but socially-impaired physicist named Sheldon Cooper. I also heard an episode of Fresh Air that he was on recently, and he just sounds like an all around nice guy. Enjoy this fun Sesame Street clip:

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Missy said...

Ummm...we LOVE the Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is Joshua's hero. (Bahaha.) Anyways, thanks for sharing this. I might just put it on my FB page so Joshua can see it. Too funny!