Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alabama Bound!

So I realized today that it has been a really long time since a I updated my blog. I know it's not like I have a lot of readers out there, but just in case I wanted to give an update on our lives! Andrew has been accepted to the PhD program in Clinical Geropsychology at the University of Alabama! We are so excited and we will probably be making the move down there in June or July! I am happy because my sister will also be a freshman at Alabama in the fall! I am also applying for graduate school there in Library and Information Studies. It is an online program I can do at night and finish in 2 years. I am hoping I get in! Of course, I am nervous about looking for a new job. I love the job I have now and finding a new one is going to be tough! But I know something will work out, maybe even something at the school which would probably mean I would get a discount on my classes! So all of this is very exciting and we are really looking forward to the changes that are coming up soon!

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